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Nynos offers select clients a tailor-made solution to their talent development needs based on the revolutionary AICET cultural and behavioural evaluation tool. AICET is an efficient, innovative and scalable technology solution which evaluates and matches the individual cultural profiles of current employees or potential employment candidates with the established culture of a company or team.

Key benefits to clients:
  • The evaluation criteria can be adapted to the specific needs of an organisation, to develop target profiles for particular roles or identify best practitioners within roles (for succession planning or recruiting top performers)

  • The full consulting and development services offered for the implementation, adaptation and evaluation of the software, including workshops with senior management to guide them through outputs and support the definition of suitable follow-up strategies

Some applications of the solution:
  • M&A situations (identify relevant company cultures and potential (mis)matches)

  • Talent placement (create relevant role profiles, candidate pre-selection)

  • Agile workforce (focus on interaction, learning, sustainability factors)

  • Relationship managers (predictors of performance, integrity, those in the wrong profession)


The AICET solution is an invaluable support in areas such as Team Development, Culture Change exercises, Project Team establishment, and senior level Succession Planning. It has been validated for proof of concept in multitudinous international real-life cases, and has identified the profiles of top performers in a variety of professional roles including sales advisors, investment specialists, commercial managers, NGOs etc.

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