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People make culture,

culture brings success

AI in the service of corporate performance development

Traditional hiring methods often fall short in assessing cultural fit, leading to costly mismatches and reduced employee engagement. The Nynos Cultural Evaluation Tool (AICET) offers a cutting-edge solution, leveraging advanced algorithms to ...

Our Services

Our Servuces
Talent Placement

Reduce employee turnover

Nynos is a boutique Talent Placement consultancy offering an exclusive approach to the placement of senior executives and Board advisors. The company’s guiding principle is “People make Culture, Culture brings Success”.


Improve hiring decisions

Nynos offers select clients a tailor-made solution to their talent development needs based on the revolutionary AICET cultural and behavioural evaluation tool. AICET is an efficient, innovative ...


Save on replacement costs

Long experience in a variety of professional contexts has demonstrated that talent development is key to a company’s success, hence the focus Nynos places on developing the people who will contribute to enhancing corporate performance.

M&A Applications

Pre-M&A Due Diligence

During M&A - Strategy & Organization

Post-M&A - Empowerment & Engagement ...

Licence Agreements

Licence Agreements & Certified Employee Training

Based on companies’ commitment to empowering cultures and environments of psychological well-being, we ...

Support Consulting

Nynos offers full consulting services by recognised leading-edge practitioners on a number of topics, including:

Improving Team Performance: ensuring psychological safety among ... 


„If I was the CEO of the company, I would insist that everybody should pass the assessment.“

Head of Talent Europe
Big 4 Companies

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