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M & A

Pre-M&A Due Diligence
  • How likely is a culture clash and in which dimensions?

  • How much effort and resources required for cultural alignment?

  • Which cultural dimensions and leadership qualities in company
    A are also required in company B and vice versa?


  • Which strengths of culture B should be integrated into company A and vice versa?

  • Might we need a new CEO ?

During M&A - Strategy & Organization

  • How to leverage heritage to create a shared future? (purpose/ culture)

  • Which leaders would be great cultural change agents?

  • How to align teams for performance?

  • Informing the development of a company-wide cultural change/ engagement strategy

  • Definition of KPIs/ OKRs for follow-on assessment after 12 months

Post-M&A - Empowerment & Engagement
  • Empowering Nynos‘ internal academy to train change agents/ culture leaders in client company

  • Engagement during the execution of leadership development programs

  • Application and execution of company-wide cultural change/ engagement programs

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